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Walking alongside your journey to discovering your strengths and weaknesses and how to use both of them.

Sharing the lessons I have discovered to becoming the Queen in my own life.


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Do you hear an inner voice in the background telling you that you were created for more in life?​ 


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QueenLiving empowering women to live their dreams!

QueenLiving believes that every woman is unique and special and that she has something inside of her that needs to be discovered and is vital for the world she lives in.

QueenLiving is about helping every woman discover what success looks like for them. Helping women learn that their story is important and sharing their story is what the world is waiting for.  Shining a light for her to see that everything in her life from changing diapers to being overlooked at her job because she is female, can be turned around and worked out for her good.

QueenLiving offers coaching to help that woman not become bitter, but to use these adversities as a launching pad; propelling her into her destiny.  
Helping women walk into their destiny and discovering truths about themselves that they didn’t realize that were there. Both good and bad.

For the woman trying to activate her dreams.
For the woman that likes powder and paint but has been told that those things were superficial.
For the woman who is looking to tap into her creative side.
For the woman who has lost her dreams.
For the woman trying to rediscover the dreams of her childhood.

Women's Ministry Atlanta GA

Learn to Live the Queen Life

Teaching you to; Believe in the Unseen, There is a hero inside of you, Affirmations are your best friend, Create Holistic success, Learn to dream big!