10 Things you don’t think about if you don’t travel much

1. Your house gets dirty even if your not there.

2. Life, bills & obligations are still in your life; you just have to learn how to take care of them while your are gone.

3. Relationships still need nurturing.

4. You are thankful for social media because of reason #3

5. If you ever go on vacation you catch yourself budgeting and not allowing yourself the joy of just letting go.

6. Clean hotel rooms do matter and make your life more enjoyable.  (It is not fun looking at someone else’s urine stream on the door of the bathroom; I could name a lot worse thing but choose not to)

7. When you come home you have to chase out the creepy crawlies that have tried to take over in your absence.

8. Many times you don’t have the luxury of coming home and recharging.  You are busy unpacking washing, cleaning and re-packing.

9. You go months at a time with a suitcase in the corner of your bedroom half filled.

10. ziplock bags are used for more than just your leftover food items.

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