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Selena Day Motivational SpeakerEncouraging women to tap into the inner Queen within them and to be all that God has called them to be.

Selena Day was born & raised in Atlanta GA. During her twenties she worked in the field of fashion in Atlanta. She was a make-up artist as well as doing some modeling herself.

Selena became a Christian and then quickly met her husband, Chuck Day, who is a recording artist.  She started traveling and ministering with him. Selena & Chuck raised 3 daughters homeschooling them while they traveled together as a family. During this time God taught her the importance of intergenerational ministry.

Selena travels the world speaking at women’s conferences as well as teaching on the importance of a parent’s role in their children’s lives and the importance of empowering the next generation in the church.

Selena Day Life Coach Atlanta Georgia

Selena has been coaching for the past 10 years.  She has traveled to over 37 countries helping a new generation find the answers to the why, what, and how in their lives.  In a culture that has told young women that having a diploma on the wall will guarantee their success, there is a generation spending thousands of dollars to begin life in debt.  Selena has coached them to finding their inner truth and encouraging them to take ownership of their relationship with our creator by hearing what God is saying to them about their lives.  Selena has helped women learn that leaving the safety of your community doesn’t give you the answers, but only when you begin to ask yourself and your creator the right questions do you begin to find your place in the world.

Selena has been writing articles for magazines and blogs for the past 4 years and continues writing book's on living the Queen life, which deals with kingdom living.

She and her husband Chuck have been co-pastoring a home-church outside of Atlanta GA for the past 15 years where they have experienced God moving in a community and truly seeing the body of Christ in action through each other.

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