Christmas pondering

Scripture says that Christ came to give us life and life more abundantly. As you celebrate this season do not allow the law to say that you are not celebrating Christ by being busy.  If your life is in a whirlwind shopping and baking be thankful for this season. What a blessing to have others in your life. There are so many people who have no one to buy for, no one to bake for. Be thankful that you have loved ones that still want to come to your house to eat.

Yes, Christmas is full of hustle and bustle but you are the master of your own universe and if you are stressing take time to stop and rest. You decide what you can and cannot spend, what you can and cannot cook, what you do and do not have time for. More than a ritual of remembering who this season is about, walk in relationship with Him who created the universe.  Become a grown up partner in life with him, not a petulant child demanding others to follow the same traditions as you. I take Jesus with me everywhere. We shop together, we bake goodies together. He is the calm in my storm, he is the sparkle to my life He is the one that helps me to find the flavor in every area. Without him life is dull and meaningless. I don’t celebrate Him one day a year I celebrate Him every day that I live.  Jesus Christ is the reason for all that we do.

Merry Christmas!!

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