Christmas Time is here!!

Christmas is my favorite time of year. We usually start decorating our house right after Halloween. I can still remember the first Christmas I celebrated after surrendering my life to Christ. I wanted to buy everyone I knew a Christmas present. Finally I understood the meaning of giving. John 3:16; (our most quoted verse of all Christendom) For God so loved that he GAVE!! Yay!! I am so glad that he gave that first Christmas so that I in turn can give as well. I am the image of my Father and I love to give gifts. In fact Chuck has to be careful what he gives me or I may give it away. Ask him, one year I gave a way I diamond necklace he gave me for Christmas just two months later.

I love everything about Christmas. The snow, the fires, the parties, the presents, the decorating: I love it ALL!! But let me take you on a journey to see from a different perspective. Did you know that for half the world Christmas is a holiday spent having barbecues? That’s right everyone south of the equator it is summer. So Christmas for them looks quite different. In Australia it’s about picnics on the beach. A friend from S. Africa spent Christmas in the USA one year and she said how that for the first time in her life she could relate to Santa all dressed up in red coat and hat. She always wondered if he were hot. That is just a funny antidote, but it made me start to ask; how do we see the story of Christ and the bible. Did you know that many historians now say that Joseph was not a carpenter but a stonemason? Think about it, it makes sense. Not may trees in Israel. So that brings me to another question. Did you know that the wise men were actually astrologers? Webster’s definition: Astrology: the study of the movements and relative positions of celestial bodies interpreted as having an influence on human affairs and the natural world. These are the people that write horoscopes. I know! God are you crazy!?! I am writing this not to freak you out but to educate you to what the bible really says. Which leads me to another question. Who is God to you? Where does your salvation experience stem from? Did you know that most of our beliefs filter down from the Greeks? We like to call ourselves Judeo-Christians; but in truth we are Greco-Christians.

I surrendered my life wholly and completely to Christ on Dec. 6, 1987. I am so thankful that it was close to Christmas. Before that time, Christ had the same power in my life as Santa Claus, except we paid homage to Christ once a week and not once a year. We gave him a little more attention at Christmas and Easter, but that was about it. That first year it was as if my eyes finally opened and I saw that I had a REAL savor that wanted a REAL relationship with me. I have NEVER been the same since. He has led me on a journey of love and wooed me in ways that no other person could. The one who formed me and brought me into being from nothing, knows me like no one else. He sees my heart and soothes it when it is troubled. The bible says that in the last days He will write his word on my mind and my heart. He is the best teacher, the best friend, the best love I have ever known and my heart during this Christmas time is that you will find that in him as well.

He loves you, because he loves you, because he loves you. You cannot do one thing to make him love you anymore or any less. You are loved and He wants to lavish you with His goodness during this Christmas season. If you lost a loved one this year, know that God did not allow that to happen to punish you or them. (Is 57:1b and no one understands that the righteous are taken away to be spared from evil.) Trust God to love you through your pain. If you have gone through a divorce this year. Remember that God’s mercies are new every morning. Life and goodness are just on the horizon. If you have had a hard year financially; take this time to hear God’s voice and give. Remember His promises. Your finances are not held to this worlds economic system but to the Kingdom of God’s economic system.

More than anything this Christmas season; know that you are valued. You are so valued in God’s kingdom and He says your greatest days are ahead.
Merry Christmas from the Day household!

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