It truly is amazing how we say one thing and people hear something completely different than what is coming out of our mouth. ¬†Let me give you an example, the other day while driving Chuck to the airport I am chatting away (as I usually do) and I am thinking he is tuning me out so I turn to see if he has checked out yet. (which many times he does after 21 years of marriage) ūüôā and he is staring at me. ¬†“Stop leering at me!” I said exasperated at him because I think he is exasperated with me for what I was saying. ¬†“I was actually thinking how beautiful you look while you talk.” he said.

Well now that put a whole different spin on our relationship. ¬†Here I was thinking he was annoyed at me when he actually is enraptured with me. ¬†Yeah, yeah I know that sounds corny, but I am going somewhere with this. ¬†Many times with our relationship with God we spend our time just talking at Him. ¬†Never truly communing with Him. Definition of communing just in case your interested. 1¬†(¬†commune with)¬†share one’s intimate thoughts or feelings with (someone¬†or something),¬†esp.¬†when¬†the¬†exchange¬†is¬†on¬†a¬†spiritual¬†level. Do we ever ask God how He is feeling today or what His favorite color is? ¬† It may seem silly to you super spiritual giants, but I want to know if God still thinks I am beautiful or does He still like to hear me talk. ¬†After 21 years of marriage it is still important to me that Chuck wants to hear me talk. ¬†Not about anything important just to talk to him. ¬†Commune with him. ¬† When we get caught up in our daily service and functions as Christ’s bride we may tend to see Him staring at us, enraptured in the wonderful creation He has made and think. ¬†“Why are you leering at me!”

I pray that you know you are loved and that you feel our Groom Christ looking at you with such longing.

Be blessed!

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