There is just something amazing about the favor of God. One day you can be worrying about where the finances are going to come from to pay your phone bill and the next you are flying first class across the ocean. Tommy Tenney wrote in his book “The God Chasers” that one night with the king can change everything. No truer statement has been made and in this season of my life I am seeing this come to fruition. The favor of God on you can and will change everything in your life.
In the past few years God has been showing me the parallel between my marriage to Chuck and being the bride of Christ. To many of us want to don the wedding dress and celebrate a wedding but are not willing to consummate the marriage and start the business of being married. Let me give you an example, when Chuck & I got married I didn’t sit around in my wedding dress. I didn’t go to work in my wedding dress; I didn’t clean the house in the wedding dress. I put the dress up as part of our legacy and started operating as a wife. Before we got married I wrote in my journals; Mrs. Charles Robert Day Jr; Selena Felice Brantley Day. But after we were married I started signing the checks and spending Chuck’s money. I don’t have to ask his permission to get money out of our checking account. I know I have the favor of my husband and his heart if for me so I spend what ever I want. I pay the bills. I take care of our household. I spend money on our children and I use what ever I need to build the kingdom of the Day’s. Once I married into the family of Day all rights and privileges became mine, and the seed’s I bear benefit from this union.
I hope you are starting to get this analogy. The relationship we have with God is very much the same. Just because of what Jesus did on the cross we have the favor of the king and we have full access to all that Jesus is and did. He is calling us to take our rightful place in His kingdom. The greatest lesson we can learn is that we are loved and we are fully accepted. You have favor on your life; not because of how much money you give; not because of how much time you spend in prayer; not because of how many hours you spend in God’s word. Jesus Christ came so that we can now live in a place of being fully loved and that the full favor of God is ours. We now spend time with our King because we are in love. I don’t have an affair on my husband because if I do he will divorce me. I don’t because I love my husband and my heart is for him. We spend time together because we want to build relationship together not because there is a piece of paper that says we are married. We live a covenant relationship not a contractual relationship. Contracts can be broken. During bible time covenant relationships usually began with shedding of blood; this is why God killed a calf when he made a covenant with Abraham. This is the reason that virgins came to the marriage bed. The shedding of blood is symbolic because blood cannot be taken back. Christ came and shed His blood so that we can now walk as his beautiful bride. Every place you go know that you have the full favor of the King. His heart is for you and when he sees you he only sees beauty.
Start thanking God today for favor.

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