I pursue the convergence…

“I pursue the convergence of ideas, technology, & relationships.” This was someone’s description of what they do on Linkedin today. That so inspired me that I had to send an invitation to them even though I do not know them. I love the idea of people coming together and sharing what God is whispering to their heart.
I love history and one part that interests me is how certain events, certain thoughts or even feelings reverberate thru out the earth during a certain time period. When you travel to different areas around the world there are small markets you can shop at that locals sell the crafts that they have made. What really amazes me is how similar the items are. Whether you may be in Asia, or Africa or South America what is sold has a common look. The bags have the same distinct look. The jewelry is very similar. The carvings even have a similar style. In Thailand they say it is, “Same, same, but different.”
I believe that this happens everyday in so many ways in our life; we are just too busy to recognize it. Have you ever heard someone share an experience or a thought about something you have been thinking and all of a sudden what he or she have said brings it all together for you. The “ah ha” moment! We need to start to realize that when God speaks, he does not just speak to one person. This is what amazes me about God. He message is universal for us all, but it is also intimate for just me as well. This is why it is so important to hear differing opinions or ideas. You may not agree with them, but when you try to see from another’s view you may get a different perspective. You might be surprise at what you see. It may confirm your beliefs or views, but it may also change you and make you better.
We are in a time of convergence. Let us hear what the God of our universe is saying to us all and share it with each other. You may think you are revelatory, but when God whispers many hear. Some are just better at expressing it verbally while others may express it in their craft, while others are expressing it in their music.
We need each other! With out each other we cannot fulfill all that God has for us.
Let us all today, “pursue the convergence of ideas, technology, & relationships.”

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