Okay so I have been reading this book by Jonah Leher titled “Imagine”  It really is a great read.  But it is about a neuroscientists view on how our brain gets inspiration.  It is quiet fascinating to me.  I am about half way through with the book and I want to share what I have gotten out of it thus far.

First, we are fearfully and wonderfully made.  Though the author of this book is to my knowledge not a christian and he believes that we evolved from apes.  (to each is own)  I can’t help but be convinced even more that we are created by a divine loving creator who designed us.  We are unique amazing beings that have the capacity for more than we have even tapped into.

Second, we have so much more power within us.  The human body is astonishing.  As I am siting here writing this blog, my brian is picking up the environment around me and filing it for future reference.  I love to learn!  One of the greatest joys in my life has been the internet.  Just with a touch of a button I can search about any subject that captures my fancy.  I am fearfully and wonderfully made; my creator loves me and thinks I am pretty awe inspiring.

Third, My creator places me in an environment to grow and to become more creative as I age.  Studies have shown that as a person ages their creative capacity arcs and slowly declines.  It is called the U effect.  It has been discovered though that if you stay a novice, continually placing yourself in the student mindset and not the master mindset.  Your creative mind increases and may level off but never declines.  This reminded me a couple of years ago when Tiger Woods changed his golf swing to relearn a new way even though his old swing was winning him championships.  Researchers have also discovered that travel and being placed in a new environment helps the creative mind to stay in that student mind set.  This is my life!  I have spent my whole adult life traveling.  One of the greatest pleasures to me is being in a new city not knowing where I am going and just knowing that there are new adventures just waiting around the corner.  New restaurants to discover, new people to share a drink with and new stories be amazed at.  I am fearfully and wonderfully made and the divine creator knows me so well that He has created an atmosphere in my life to shape me to become the best that I can be.  And all this happened without me even knowing it.

If you have time check out this book “Imagine” by Jonah Leher.  He is so much more eloquent in describing what I shared.

But more importantly remember that there is a divine creator in your life that loves you and wants fellowship with you and loves you so much that if you consult Him in your decisions.  You will find your life expanded beyond anything you can imagine.  Scripture says, “Acknowledge Him in all your way and He will direct your path.”

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