Inspire today….

DSC_0310There is nothing greater than finding yourself in that moment when you know you are doing what you were born to do. When time stands still and you can literally feel the creator flowing in you and through you. It is sometimes elusive and many times you can get mired down in the drudgery of everyday living. But I say to you today; keep pressing in, keep showing up and eventually opportunity will arrive. What ever your life is about today whether it be joy or pain know that you have been born for a purpose in this world and that your timing here is not in vain and that you were created to bring the best to those around you.
I sometimes just find myself talking to my creator saying, “there is so much inside of me words, dreams & visions help them to come out in a creative articulate manner.”
Today speak to the You that is in side longing to get out and allow your creator to flow through you and work His magic into the universe.

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