This is my beautiful daughter in front of my favorite city in the world,  the place I call home.

When I look at this picture I see all the women in my family that surrounded me and poured into my life.  Women who encouraged me to be me.  Women who loved this city as much as I do.  My great grandmother, Jesse Kennedy when she came to town from Buckhead to Atlanta, to have lunch at the Magnolia Room while looking through the latest Vogue to find the newest fashions so she could go home and replicate them, my grand mother, Ernestine Ivey Brantley Minton, who used to keep the small tester sizes Mary Kay lipstick for my cousin and me to play with while she polished our toenails bright red, my other grandmother, Mildred Smith, who was just a tad bit of a rebel who told me one time at church to come sit with her so we could get into trouble.

These women are all gone now but when I look at this picture I can see their legacy.   12565577_10208441513734432_3294411002843672805_n.jpgPhoto by Stacey McMahan