You know you need help. Why else would you be on a Life Coaching website? QueenLiving understands that getting where you want to be in life is a process, and sometimes you need help to find the path to achieving your goals.  

Life Coaching is the process of inviting someone into your life to do just that!  

Coaching with Queen Living will be a relationship-driven experience. You will meet with Selena Day face-to-face, or via Skype for one-on-one sessions. These sessions will give you a chance to express your frustrations about life, work, and help you to find strategies to make the changes you need and achieve your goals. 

Begin Your Journey

When you begin this journey, Selena will send you a questionnaire to begin this process before even meeting for the first time.  Assessing what our objectives will be during the sessions is the primary goal of this early stage in coaching.  Keeping in mind that while coaching may encompass counseling the ultimate goal is not why you have a problem, but to help you to discover your what, and hows, not just the why's.  Coaching will help you put together a game plan for how and what you can do to overcome your problems and obtain the dreams you have been desiring in your life.

Once we have assessed the game plan and what you are desiring from coaching we can set up regular meeting either in person or via Skype to help facilitate your growth.  These meetings are the life-blood of your coaching experience.  Meeting regularly with your coach, Selena Day, will help you to build trust, teaching you to be vulnerable in your life.  A successful life is about obtaining open and honest relationships and your coaching experience is a great place to begin this process.

In addition to meeting regularly with Selena Day, your coaching experience will give you tools in the form of blogs, a private support group via Facebook, and curriculum specially designed just for you from your meetings with Selena.

Ready to find out more?

Teaching you to; Believe in the Unseen, There is a hero inside of you, Affirmations are your best friend, Create Holistic success, Learn to dream big!