About a week ago my sweet great niece was in a fire and got burned pretty badly. She had been at the hospital for about a week before the doctors released her to go home. They live close to me so when her mother got home I called to check on them. The sound her mother’s voice was one of relief. My great niece still has a long way to go, but just having her home probably brought some sort of normalcy to her mother’s life once more. Which probably gave her a peace that nothing else could have.

We live in a world where every day we are bombarded with the opinions that we must become “More,” it can become exhausting just trying to figure out whatever the “More” is out there.

So many times while you are looking into your future you miss out on what is right there in front of you. The pure joy of sitting on your couch watching a movie with someone that makes you smile. The delight you get when biting into a fluffy donut while the smell permeates the air around you. The buzz you get when sitting with your friends to talk about the newest TV shows or latest movies.

It really is great being normal.

Don’t ever give up on your dreams. But remember your greatest accomplishments come from the small increments of hard work in your life. Working on your family, working on your career, working on living.

Don’t let tragedy hit you before you realize how great your “normal life” is. Cherish where you are right now as you head toward your dreams and goals. Because most of us have a great life even if we are not aware of it.