Prayer for Kristen

I can’t say that I knew Kristen very well in high school, in fact I don’t realty remember having a full conversation with her during school. But almost 30 years later I discovered her on facebook and heard her story. She and one of the guys I had been friends had an incredible story of lost love. They had liked each other in school and both went on to marry other people. Years later they found each other again and were both divorced and the spark was still there between them. Jon asked her to marry him at a concert of the same band they had seen and loved when they were younger. They found their soul mates and have been sharing their life for the past few years.
Kristen as also has been battling cancer.
My heart breaks for her and Jon after all these years finding true love to think about it being ripped from them. Kristen continually up dates with positive reports many times encouraging me with her smile and kindness via facebook. I truly have fell in love with her heart and seeing the love that she and Jon share.
I am writing this to ask everyone to pray for Kristen. She is under going experimental treatment and though I don’t know the details; she posted today that due to the sickness she would be off fb for a while. It breaks my heart and I pray that she will be back on soon.
I believe and have seen with my own eyes the power of God’s miraculous healing. I am asking you all to pray for this family and to come in agreement for healing over her body here and now.

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  1. I agree with you in so many ways. Her and I were not close friends in high school but have since the FB era. We have private messaged each other about positive affirmations, prayers, and just being thankful.

    I pray for her often and strongly believe that getting those around us to pray for her can do nothing but help her incredibly. So I hope others will take a moment and lift her up in prayers. Give her the strength to win this battle.

    Thanks for your post!


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