Find your purpose every day. Some day’s your purpose can be as trivial as chocolate chip cookies while other days it will be filled with family, children, love or helping those that can’t help themselves.
Believe you deserve better in life. Believe that your creator made you for more than to survive your time here. Believe that every day has something special hidden and it’s your job to find the hidden treasure.
Ask questions. Listen intently. You never know who may hold the keys to unlocking the doors in your life.
Recently I heard an inspiring woman share that she did every day that helped her in her life and it is something I have begun to practice in my own life. Ask yourself three questions every day. With each question answer with three different endings.
First, ask yourself what you did to be proud of yourself:
“Selena, today I am proud of you for”… think of 3 different things to be proud of from your day.
Secondly, make commitments to yourself. This is a big key because we make commitments to everyone around us but forget to make them for ourselves.
“Selena, I commit to you..” naming 3 different things to commit to for the following day.
Thirdly, forgive yourself. This frees you to live in your commitments. When you forgive yourself you find it becomes easier to forgive those around you.
“Selena, I forgive you for…” name three things you need to forgive yourself for. Sometimes this may take more than one time. You may need to say this over and over every day until you begin to feel it’s grip loosen on your heart.
You were created for a purpose and if you learn to become your true self it will not be hard to find that purpose. Your true self is kind, gentle, good, patient, faithful, full of self-control, full of joy, full of love, and full of peace.
It takes practice to find your purpose and for becoming a person of purpose. Everyday practice taking one small step into living the life you were meant to live and before you know if you will be looking back in amazement at where God has brought you.