Queen Living

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This photo evokes so many emotions in me; some of my favorite women in front of the skyline of my favorite city in the world.  These Queen’s I get to call family, in the greatest city I get to call home.  I am forever thankful for these beautiful women who have seen me at my very best and my very worst and still love me and call me to be the best that I can be.

Kelly is the closest thing I know to having a sister, she is that person that I don’t have to finish my sentences for because she speaks my language.  Belinda who has been my sister and the gift God gave our family so many years ago. She reminds me that I was once cool and that Elizabeth​’s talent comes from me as well as Chuck​; Carol my sister friend that has taught me what a true covenant friend looks like; we are marry & bury friends, and in the center of it all is my mom a woman that has always taught me what is means to have strength and character and that you can get through most difficulties with humor and grit.

I believe that some of life’s greatest lessons are taught by living and not by instruction and these women have taught me so much just by them being themselves.   I have so many memories attached to these women and this city.  I will never forget the day my mom embraced Belinda allowing her to shed tears, being her strength and comfort when her grandmother passed away and then years later Belinda returned that comfort embracing my mom and being our strength on Christmas eve when my dad was so sick.  I will never forget the night Kelly & I spent with my uncle the last night he was with us and even in those last moments of his life he brought laughter to us and gave us joy; or the night Kelly, Belinda & I spent at hospice when my aunt was in her final days of her life she was so weak and the three of us was trying to help her get comfortable and she looked up and caught Kelly’s eyes and said clear strong voice, “I love you!” and we all laughed and cried;  I will never forget the weekend Carol went and picked up my daughter when I couldn’t be there to comfort her in her pain and loved our family through a very difficult season or the day we praised the Lord on a mountain in Thailand for the shear joy that we get to serve Him.

I am so blessed to have these ladies and I choose to honor these women this week.  We all have Queen’s in life and I encourage you to let them know how important they are to you and Celebrate them this week.