Ramblings of a woman on pain meds

Yesterday at 3am I woke up with pain in my stomach. I kept praying it would go away and struggled throughout the night. Finally around 8:30am Chuck woke up and I told him I may need to go to the doctor; especially since we were getting on a place for Istanbul Turkey that evening. We went to the ER and after waiting for 3hrs and being poked, prodded and made to pee in a cup, my lovely doctor came and told me the news. I couldn’t go on my trip. He believes that my gall bladder may have to come out, that there is infection around it and I also have some stones in there. So while my mind is still trying to comprehend this news a lovely nurse comes in and tells me that I can’t have any solid foods. No carbonated beverages, no chocolate…(NO CHOCOLATE?)…nothing with caffeine.
They were taking away ALL my love languages; no travel…no getting so see my racers…no chocolate…equals no fun.
They released us and I had to go home and watch Chuck pack up. I wanted him to still go and be with our racers. At least I could live vicariously through him and he could love on them for me. At that moment I remembered that God’s peace is real.
This morning I woke up and went outside to let the dog out and two blessings awaited me. One was a beautiful butterfly or could have been moth; I think it was a moth. Spread out in all it’s glory being a beacon of hope. The next was one of my roses from my rose bush in full bloom. At that moment I remembered in scripture where it says; the joy of the Lord is my strength. I have always thought of this as finding my joy in Him. Which is true, but today Papa God showed me that through Him he will show me joy in every circumstance. phil. 4:8 whatever is true, whatever is honorable, whatever is just, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is commendable, if there is any excellence, if there is anything worthy of praise, think about these things.
I am reminded that in every circumstance in my life there will be joy, there will be something good, there will be something praise worthy. I just have to focus on those things. Many times if our good isn’t really good; or our joy isn’t happy laughter we don’t think that it is worthy. This week I am going to miss out on being with 41 of the most incredible people and seeing a closure to their 11 month journey. But I focus on the joy that surrounds me today. The quiet in my home and the sunshine gleaming through my window and the love of my daughters here as they watch over me. My pain is minimal which is frustrating cause I feel okay to travel. (But I am also on pain meds.) Once again I am learning to trust in my saviour. He knows the plans he has for me, to prosper me and to give me hope.

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