Real Queens Fix each Other’s Crowns

This morning we are up early headed out, doing a very quick turn around to FL. The Man is singing tonight in Sarasota and then we are headed home tomorrow. We left the house at 6 am so The Man wanted to listen to the news while we were driving through the city to get out of town. We heard a story of a mother sharing on her Facebook page a parenting decision she had made for her daughter. She posted something that could be controversial on how she was teaching her 5-year-old to respect money. In my opinion, it wasn’t anything abusive or harmful to her child. I told The Man, as we were listening, that this poor woman was probably just sharing this for her friends and FB community and now that it had been picked up by a major news network she will have a crazy storm of opinions thrown at her, both positive and negative. Actually, my thought was, “I hope she had a strong character and will not allow any negative falter her.” I just thought about where I was when my girls were 5 and I was learning to find my way as a mother.
This story reminded me of a Queenism I heard just recently; “Real Queens fix each other’s Crowns” Which when I first read it reminded me of the scripture; “Love covers a multitude of sins.” If you ever do a word study of this you will find that Sin actually means: missing the mark. So sin isn’t about a negative habit we do, it’s about missing the true mark that God has for your life. You could also say it’s not living up to your full potential.
Women, you know we can be quite catty at times. In our effort to cover up our own insecurities we have been known to point fingers or chat in our circles at how someone isn’t measuring up to our level of success.
A real Queen learns to overcome this and understands the power of protecting each other. Fixing someone’s crown isn’t about pointing out what is wrong with them. We must develop relational currency with a person before we discuss course correction with them.
Maybe it’s because I never had sister’s, but the comradeship of women is a sacred experience to me, so protecting a woman’s crown is powerful. When I am helping another woman become all she can be I am opening doors for those around me. I am helping her to have a voice in her own life and to fully walk in the plans and purposes she was created to accomplish.
In this season of women’s empowerment, we must not fall into the trap of our culture to attack another because we see differences, we must choose to disagree, but respect each other for what they have to bring to the Kingdom.
Today if you see someone make a not so wise statement on social media choose to practice restraint and keep silent. If it is a friend pray for them and then ask your creator if you should approach them. But never forget that as a Queen you don’t point out that her crown is cracked, crooked or broken, you cover it with love. Maybe that means taking off your own crown and giving it to her. When you learn to live a kingdom life you know that crowns; wisdom, influence, possessions, etc are limitless.