Queenisms by Selena Day

Does life make you want to laugh and cry all at the same time?

Do you hear an inner voice in the background telling you that you were created for more in life?

​Well then you will love this book from Selena Day helping you discover the inner Queen within you.  

​This book is a short story of Selena's path to finding her inner Queen along with short Queenism's to inspire you to stay true to that voice within you.


"Love my book by Selena Day, what an amazing woman in the Lord, thank you to our Great friends Chuck Day and Selena. Love you both!


"Such an encouraging book, full of wisdom. I know the author and she is truly an inspiration, as is her book! Great daily read!"

amazon review

"I've known Selena since I was a preteen. She has been such a special woman in my life who I can always count on. She has a heart for God and His people, and I believe, she has been given wisdom and grace to reach God's daughters"