Today’s Musings

Why is it that people don’t want you until you don’t need them.  You are the same person living your life day in and day out, writing the same story, singing the same song and then one day; BAM!  The tipping point happens and then everyone wants to be your friend and everyone wants to promote you.  Where were those people a few months ago?

On your way to the top or even on your way to the bottom, remember those people that were and are your encouragement.  Those are the one’s you want around you.  Those few jewels that tell you that they see the diamond inside of you.

Girls do you remember that book we all read in middle school? Dear God, it’s me Margret…Well, I feel that way sometimes..Hey God!!  It’s me Selena again!  There is no other joy in this world to know or feel Papa God’s presence.

The other day I was visiting an area I used to hang out when I was a teenager and we passed a gas station and I was reminded of a memory of having car trouble.  I remember the car running hot and smoke was billowing out from the engine. (or it seemed that way to me)  I don’t remember what I did to get the car running and I don’t remember if I called my dad and he told me what to do or if I figured it out myself.  But, what I do remember is the feeling of being alone and having to take care of it myself.  It wasn’t fun and it was a little scary.  But it taught me that I could take care of myself and that there were good people in this world to help you when you needed it.

Through out our life when we don’t hear the voice of our creator or we seem to be standing at a closed door knocking saying, “Hey God, remember me? Can you open up so I can come in too?”  Those are the times we are learning to stand up strong and the lesson that even in our dependence on Him, His desire is for us to be independent of everything else.

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